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Video & AUDIO Transfer

PhotoSynthesis Transfers Anything!

We can transfer all your old VHS tapes to DVD or MP4 in-store! We also work with an expert reels-to-video partner to transfer all your other types of old reels and tapes to DVD. We've used them since we opened in 2009. Whether you have Super 8s, reels, old camcorder tapes, VHS tapes, name it, we can transfer it! Have audio tapes or albums you need transferred? Our partner does audio too; just $34.95 per hour. A CD holds 74 minutes.

VHS tapes and VHS-C tapes to DVD or other format

VHS transfers start at $23.95. One DVD holds 2 hours of VHS tape. If you recorded footage at high quality, your full VHS tapes hold two hours of footage. If you taped at lesser quality, your VHS tape could hold more than two hours of footage. In this case, we will continue your taping to new DVDs for $9/extra DVD. So if your VHS tape had 4 hours of footage, it would be $23.95 for the first DVD and $9.00 for the overrun footage. If you have VHS tapes that are not full, we can combine tapes for $9/tape if you have start/stop times.
You can provide us with the start and stop times of the additional tapes to get the $9/tape price. The Iowa State library media center has VHS players you can use to view your footage and get start/stop times. If you'd like us to do it for you, it is an additional $5/tape. Once we know how much footage is on each VHS tape, we can figure out how to combine them to best fit the 2-hour DVDs. The first VHS tape to the DVD is $23.95 and any other tapes we can get on the same DVD is $9 each. When another DVD is started, the cost structure starts over again at $23.95, with additional tapes that will fit on the same DVD at $9/each.
For VHS-C tapes, foreign VHS tapes, camcorder tapes (Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Micro, Mini DV, 3/4", DVCAM, Betacam plus PAL & SECAM video) the charge is $34.95 for one item (up to 2 hours of footage) on one DVD. Each additional item that fits on the DVD is $9.95
Plain DVD duplicate copies are $14.95 if you'd like extras to share.
Video Transfer

Movie Reels To DVD

VHS REPAIR: $29.95 without a DVD order, $19.95 with. For movie reels to DVD, you will receive the best scanning of film currently available to consumers in the US! Your film will be scanned on a Laser graphics scanner, giving you the highest quality transfer ever available from your home movies. At this time, our service partner is the only company using this technology exclusively for home movies in the United States. This is the same technology Warner Brothers studio uses! You can be assured you will get the best film transfer currently possible with available technologies. There are two components to pricing: reel length & the DVD. There is a minimum charge of $59.95.
1st component: For regular 8mm, Super 8, and 16MM *movie* films, transfer cost for standard definition is $0.24 per foot of film. This means that a 3" reel holding 50 feet would be $12, a 5" reel holding 200 feet would be $48, a 6" reel holding 300 feet would be $72, and a 7" reel holding 400 feet would be $96. So to this calculation you will add:.
2nd component: to put the scanned data to DVD is $34.95, and your DVD comes with a printed cover that shows you thumbnails of the contents and will be ready to be viewed on your TV or computer. Background music can be added to silent film. We have a music library you can choose from or you can supply your own music on CD. One title can be added for every 200' for no charge. Additional titles are $5/each. Titles can be placed at the start of any reel. Would you like your movies on a hard drive or thumbdrive instead? Include with your order for no $34.95 DVD charge.
Please number the movie reels in the sequence they are to appear on the video. Reels that aren't numbered will be transferred in any sequence. Before the transfer of film, it is cleaned and lubricated, bad splices are replaced, and damaged film is repaired. (Note: sometimes film is received damaged beyond repair. In these cases we will try to run the film as best as possible.)
Any blank film, 5 seconds or more, will be removed. Images that are out of focus, upside down, over or under exposed, will be left in.
  • VHS to DVD is done in-store. All other transfers are done at a partner lab and shipped via UPS both ways at no cost to you.
  • Orders over $50 require an estimated deposit. Turn around is about 2 weeks but can be longer so please let us know if your transfer has an important complete date, and we can see if it is possible. Rush orders are generally twice the cost.
  • Contact us with any questions and thank you for your business! We appreciate it.
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