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Do you have old (or new!) photos that you cannot find negatives for, or perhaps even the negatives are damaged? Or perhaps the color on your photos have faded. Or you'd like to remove or add someone? PhotoSynthesis can help you! We professionally restore your photos, and your originals aren't harmed in any way. We'll scan the original image and restore the image digitally. This will give you a 'like new' image of your currently damaged photo!
While most photos can be restored, not all can. Snap a photo of your photo and text it to us at 515-232-8050 or email us at to request a quote. We will reply with the cost to digitally repair your photograph! Or if you're able, bring your photo to PhotoSynthesis anytime and we can give you a quote on restoration costs. Most photo restorations are $29-$39, and the range of pricing is from $19-$69. Some photos that may only be faded can be done for even less than $19. And once we quote you, the price may end up being lower than the quote, but if it is higher due to things we couldn't see before scanning, we will call for approval before we begin restoring your image. And when you hire PhotoSynthesis to do your photo restoration work, you receive unlimited revisions to make sure you love the results. And we have a 100% success rate!
Once you approve your photo restoration work, we will finalize your order. Once paid, we will email your restored image to you to archive so you have it in the future. Or, we can upload to Dropbox for you to store in your account.
Need photo prints of your restored image? We can print on our archival photo paper that will last for centuries. And if you want to share your new image with friends and family, you can email your 'like new' photo to them!

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