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Do you have a stack of photos, a pile of negatives, or a carousel of slides that you'd like digitized? Maybe a recipe box full of family recipes? Or a single print/slide/negative you'd like to have printed? We can help you save your memories for the future!


Bring us your photos, negatives (any size), or slides...and we will professionally scan them to CD or DVD. Once your images are digitized, you can email them to friends and family, create additional CDs or DVDs to mail to friends or family, or print the files of your choice.


Every image will have its own file, and will be scanned so it can be be printed at original size or up to two sizes larger.Pricing is determined by quantity and what we are scanning, and timing depends on your need and our schedule.


Pricing: $5 minimum, includes CD.


35mm negative or slide:




$1.00 each

$0.75 each

$0.50 each


Prints 8x10 or smaller:




$1.00 each

$0.75 each

$0.50 each


We can also scan large and odd-size prints and negatives; nothing is too big or too odd-shaped! Please call for more information! For photo print quantities over 500 we have special pricing! See our Shoebox Scanning page. 


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